Online Application

Welcome to the Online Application System.

IMPORTANT: Before you begin, please have a soft copy of the following documents ready:

  • Applicant's Hong Kong ID, Passport Number and date of birth details
  • Parent / Guardian Personal Information
  • Digital Photo of Applicant – passport size (jpg format only)
  • Copy of Applicant’s Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Applicant's Immunisation Record
  • Copy of Parent/Guardian's HKID or Passport
  • Copy of Application Fee $40 receipt (for all programmes)
  • Copy of Admissions Fee $500 receipt (for PN and above)
Additional Documents for non-local families
  • Copy of Applicant’s dependent visa - required of non-local applicant
  • Copy of Parent/Guardian’s valid visa - required of non-local family
If you apply for Debenture at the same time, please have the Debenture document (listed below) also.

All the documents should be submitted in jpg/pdf format, file size less than 2MB.

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Personal / Corporate Debenture
After submission of application, you can also apply for Debenture. Before you begin, please have ready the following information:

  • Copy of Debenture Fee receipt
  • For corporate debenture
    • Digital Company Chop (jpg format only)
    • Name of Authorized Signatory
    • Designation of the Signatory
    • Company Address

If you are ready, please CLICK to proceed.