PIPS KLN has been open since 2007; we are now approaching our 12th year of operation.
PIPS has 3 branches and they are all under the same organisation. PIPS (KLN) and PIPS (HK) are both authorised IB-PYP schools and most children are aiming to get into an International Primary School. PIPS (RG) has a more locally based curriculum and most children are aiming to get into a Local Primary School. For information regarding languages of instruction, available classes and admission details please visit the website of the school you wish to apply for.
Yes, our Under 2's Programme and Pre-Nursery applications are separate. Please submit a separate application form for Pre-Nursery and Kindergarten level. Once you get into the Pre-Nursery, you don’t need to submit another application for Kindergarten. For further details please refer to the admission guidelines available on our website.
No, PIPS has an open and inclusive policy and welcomes children and families from diverse backgrounds. If your child has any additional needs and you would like to find out whether our school can support your child’s learning please state this on your child’s application. We will schedule a time for you and your child to meet our School Principal.
PIPS offers 5 year levels from 1 to 6 years old.
  • Under 2's Programme is for 1 to 2 year olds
  • Pre-Nursery is for 2 to 3 year olds
For 2019-2020 admissions into our Nursery (K1), LKG (K2) and UKG (K3), your child should be born in
  • 2016 for Nursery Level
  • 2015 for LKG level
  • 2014 for UKG level
As a fully authorised IB World School we use the IB-PYP framework, which is an inquiry play-based approach. To find out more about our school curriculum, please go to our website and visit the ‘Teaching and Learning’ section.
Over 18 nationalities are represented and approximately 65% are non-local families.
Two language streams are offered from Pre-Nursery to Upper Kindergarten – bilingual or trilingual classes. Bilingual classes are taught in English and Putonghua. Trilingual classes are taught in English and Cantonese supplemented with 20 minutes of Putonghua each day.
Under 2's Programme students do not need to wear a uniform, however they are required to wear indoor shoes for hygiene reasons during class time. Pre-Nursery to Upper Kindergarten students are required to wear a PIPS uniform to school except for some special school events and parties. Uniforms can be purchased at the school office.

Whilst we try to stock all colours of the uniform, we are unable to guarantee your first choice.
Year Level Teacher and Child Ratio
Under 2's Programme 1:12
Pre-Nursery and Kindergarten 1:9
A debenture will give your child a higher priority to get into PIPS, however, it does not guarantee a place. Offers of places are subject to the places available and other considerations such as sibling priority, whether your child is our current student, date of application and your child’s admission age, etc.
There is no difference in terms of priority. Please kindly note that Personal Debentures and Corporate Debentures are refundable.
Once you purchase a debenture, you will get a debenture certificate within a month. When you need to redeem the debenture, please fill in a withdrawal form and return it, together with your debenture certificate, to our school office. It will take about a month to process and our school will notify you once the refund cheque is ready to collect.
You are welcome to visit our school. Please call 2812 6801 to make an appointment.

We hold regular tours for parents and recommend that you come and see our school in-session so that you can fully appreciate our play-based learning approach.
The majority of children move on to International Primary Schools after LKG. Some children stay at PIPS to complete UKG and then go on to Local Primary Schools. Please refer to the following table to see where the 2018-2019 UKG and LKG graduates are moving to.