Professional Development

Continuous professional development (CPD) is an important part of maintaining and developing new skills and knowledge as teachers. At PIPS we have a strong commitment to CPD and value the need for teachers to keep up to date with changing educational trends to keep their knowledge relevant and to ensure the very best teaching and learning for children.

PIPS takes its commitment to professional development seriously, and over the last few years we have sent our Chinese and English class teachers to various IB recognised workshops both locally and overseas.

Each year our school will have an IB facilitated in-school workshop, these workshops are tailored to the needs of our staff and give teachers the opportunity to learn together. In addition to this, we also have opportunities to attend the Early Years Network of Hong Kong, attendance at regional PYP network workshops, visits to our sister school and other PYP schools, and other suitable workshops organised by external providers. Our professional development opportunities are extensive and reflect our philosophy of being life-long learners.

In recent years we have sent teachers and leaders on the following IB courses:
Introduction to the PYP – Sydney, Australia.
Assessment in the Early Years – Phuket, Thailand.
Early Years Symposium – Nanjing, China.
Programme Facilitators Training – Shanghai, China.
The Role of the Coordinator – Macau.
Pedagogical Leadership in the Early Years – Hong Kong.
Literacy, Maths and Symbolic Learning – Hong Kong.
Making the PYP Happen – Hong Kong.
Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference – Hong Kong.

In-School Workshops facilitated by IB:
Making the PYP Happen.
The Learning Environment and Inquiry.
Teaching and Learning.
Assessment in the Early Years.