Health Procedures

Our hygiene at PIPS Kowloon is of an exceptionally high standard and is maintained by our large team of amahs who clean our classrooms and equipment after each session.

All children change their shoes to indoor shoes after entering the school.

We check each child’s temperature upon entry to our school at the start of each session and also sanitise their hands.

We monitor children’s health very carefully and will contact parents if we feel that a child is ill. We will ask that they are collected from school and are kept at home to recover. We do not allow children to attend school if they are wearing a mask. We would prefer them to remain at home until they have made a full recovery.

In the event of any contagious illnesses in a class we inform parents and, if necessary, we will inform the Centre for Health Protection who may advise us further.

We do ask that parents inform us of any allergies that children may have, and we keep a careful record of this, and we do enforce a Nut Free policy in the school.

We do have a ‘Healthy Eating’ policy which may be viewed under the policies section of this website.