At PIPS, children enjoy a vast amount of space equipped with many shared common areas in addition to their classrooms.

We have 10 classrooms altogether, and separate shared common areas:
  • Audio-Visual Area
  • Library
  • Pet Corner
  • Art and Drama Area
  • Music Room
  • Cookery Room
  • Exploratorium
  • Playground: Sand Pit and Riding Area
  • Garden
  • Covered Play Area/ P.E. Area
All the areas in school have been structured to cater for children’s developmental needs, in order to facilitate their skill development and fostering their sense of exploration in multiple disciplines.


Our playground may be hired for children parties and games on weekends. Please complete the Hiring of Playground form and contact our School Office for further information.



Cookery Room

Music Room

Art Area

Covered Play Area/ P.E Area